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Anvil Customer Details This shot shows the customer details page. Many traditional billing platforms are desktop applications with a simple web portal "welded" on the top. Anvil however is built solely as a web portal - for staff, partners and customers alike.

A sophisticated security design ensures that the single application does not allow unauthorised access. This combined with Microsoft's leading ASP.NET application development enviroment means Conficient is able to build, test and deploy new functionality in a fraction of the time larger organisations take.

Also note that this image shows Anvil running on a FireFox client. Although most customers and staff use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Anvil supports a range of browsers, making the use of low-cost LINUX terminals practical for staff use.


Sale of V Networks to Opal Telecom, part of the Carphone Warehouse group.

Anvil adds support for Local Loop Unbundling for V Networks.

Conficient is a supporter of DevEvenings - a Surrey-based developer group

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